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Dictionary of Bible Themes – 5422 musicians
5422 musicians

5422 musicians

Players of musical instruments. Levitical musicians played an extensive role in Israelite worship. Other musicians are also mentioned in Scripture, in both sacred and secular contexts.

Levitical musicians in the tabernacle

Appointed by David 1Ch 6:31-47 See also 1Ch 15:16-17; 1Ch 25:1-5

Responsibilities 1Ch 15:19-21 See also 1Ch 15:16; 1Ch 25:6-7

Allocation of duties 1Ch 25:8-31

Levitical musicians in the temple

2Ch 5:12-13 See also 1Ch 9:33; 2Ch 35:15

Other musicians

Jubal was the first musician Ge 4:17-21

King David was a renowned musician 1Sa 16:15-18 See also 1Sa 16:23; 1Sa 18:10-11; 1Sa 19:9-10; 2Sa 6:5; 2Sa 23:1

Unidentified musicians Ps 68:24-25 See also 2Ki 3:11-19; Ps 137:1-3; Rev 18:21-22

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