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Dictionary of Bible Themes – 5390 leprosy
5390 leprosy

5390 leprosy

An infectious skin disease. The leprosy mentioned in Scripture, however, covers a wider range of dermatological conditions than that now referred to as the modern Hansen’s disease, known colloquially as leprosy.

Regulations for the control of leprosy

Sufferers are banned from society Nu 5:2 See also Lev 13:1-46; Dt 24:8-9; 2Ki 7:3

Sufferers are banned from Levitical service Lev 22:4

Sufferers are to report to a priest on being cured Mt 8:4 See also Lk 17:14; Lev 14:1-9

The healing of leprosy

2Ki 5:1,14; Mt 8:2-3 pp Mk 1:40-41; Lk 17:12-15

Spiritual significance of leprosy

As a validating sign from God Ex 4:6-7

As a judgment from God Nu 12:10-15; 2Ki 5:27; 2Ch 26:19-23

See also

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9210judgment, God’s

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