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Dictionary of Bible Themes – 5350 injustice, hated by God
5350 injustice, hated by God

5350 injustice, hated by God

God’s hatred of injustice is seen in his vindication of its victims, his solemn warnings, his penalties against the guilty and his commands to his people to renounce it.

God hates injustice

Pr 6:16-19 See also Pr 11:1; Pr 12:22; Pr 17:15

God will vindicate the victims of injustice

They cry for justice Ps 43:1 There are some OT passages where vengeance upon persecutors is called for (e.g., Ps 35:1-8; Ps 69:22-28; Jer 11:18-20; 18:19-23). These are called “imprecatory”. They arose from zeal for God’s honour and from the desire for moral stability in society. They reflect an under-developed view of God’s ultimate judgments and the failure to distinguish between the guilty and their innocent families. In the light of the NT the motives behind these prayers may be applauded but it is recognised that now they are best expressed in the denunciation of injustice accompanied by gospel witness, through which the hearts of oppressors are changed, leaving the matter of judgment as God’s prerogative alone. See also Ne 4:4-5; Ps 94:1-7; Rev 6:10; Job 19:25 In OT times a redeemer was a near relative responsible for securing the just rights of a poor kinsperson.

God will answer their cry Lk 18:1-8 See also Ps 12:5; Ps 94:20-23; 2Th 1:6-7; 2Ti 4:14; 2Pe 2:9; Rev 18:20; Rev 19:2

God condemns injustice Isa 10:1-3 See also Dt 16:19; Am 1:3-4

God will punish the unjust Mic 2:1-3 See also Dt 27:17,19; 1Ki 21:19; Pr 19:5; Pr 21:28; Am 5:11-12; Am 8:4-7; Na 3:1; Mal 3:5; Lk 12:45-46 Possibility of injustice among believers: 1Co 6:6-8; 1Th 4:6
Jas 5:1-6; Rev 1:7

The apparent present success of the unjust Ps 37:1-2 See also Ps 73:3-11,15-17; Isa 26:10-11; Hab 1:12-13

God’s people must hate injustice

Injustice forbidden by God Pr 22:22 See also Ex 20:16; Ex 22:21-22; Ex 23:6-8; Lev 19:13,15,35; Dt 24:14-15,17; Eze 45:9; Zec 7:10; Eph 6:9

Injustice should be renounced by God’s people Ps 119:163 See also Dt 24:7; Ps 82:2; Pr 29:27; Col 3:21

Injustice displaced by love Mk 12:31; Ro 13:10; Col 3:19

God’s people must bear injustice patiently Jas 5:7-8 See also Mt 5:39,44-45; 1Co 6:7

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