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5339 home

5339 home

The place of origin or residence, to which people feel attached and where they belong. The term is used of houses, towns, lands and in various figurative and spiritual senses.

Divine blessing upon homes

It brings peace and security Isa 32:18 See also 2Ki 13:5; Ps 127:1-2

It is promised to the righteous Pr 3:33 See also Pr 12:7; Pr 14:11; Pr 15:6; Pr 24:3-4

It is granted because of a godly presence 2Sa 6:11 pp 1Ch 13:14 See also Ge 30:27-30; Ge 39:4-5

Human affection for homes

2Sa 19:37 See also Ge 31:30; Nu 10:29-30; Ru 1:6-18 Ruth’s loyalty to Naomi is stronger than her attachment to her homeland; 1Sa 7:17; Job 29:18; Ps 102:13-14; Ps 137:1-6

Instructions for home life

Dt 6:6-9; Dt 20:5-8; Dt 24:5; Eph 6:1-4; Col 3:18-4:1; 1Ti 5:4,8,11-14; Tit 2:4-5

Homes as places of hospitality

Ge 29:13-14; Jdg 19:18-21; 2Ki 4:8-10; Jn 19:25-27; Phm 22; Heb 13:2

Israel’s home in Canaan

It is promised to them 2Sa 7:10-11 pp 1Ch 17:9-10 See also Ex 6:8; Nu 14:30; Ps 78:55

It was taken from them 2Ki 17:22-23; 2Ki 25:21 See also 2Ki 17:5-6; 2Ki 18:10-11; 2Ch 36:20-21; Ps 79:6-7; Joel 3:6

It was restored to them Zep 3:20 See also Eze 36:8

Homes for animals

Job 39:5-6; Ps 84:3; Ps 104:17-18; Pr 30:26-28

Homes in Jesus Christ’s ministry

Lk 9:58 Jesus Christ had no permanent home. Jesus Christ was welcomed into people’s homes and ministered there: Lk 10:38-42; Lk 14:1
Mk 5:18-20 pp Lk 8:38-39 The healed demoniac is sent back to his home town and family to be a witness. Jesus Christ’s instructions on sending out the Twelve: Mt 10:11-14 pp Mk 6:10-11 pp Lk 9:4-5; Lk 10:5-7
Mt 19:29 pp Mk 10:29-30 pp Lk 18:29-30


1Co 4:11 Paul had no permanent home; Job 24:1-12 the suffering of the homeless; Heb 11:8-10 People of faith do not see this world as their final home.

Home in a spiritual and figurative sense

Jn 14:2,23 See also Job 17:13-15; Ecc 12:5; Lk 16:9; 2Co 5:1-10; 2Pe 3:13

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