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5299 door

5299 door

A point of entry, especially to a house. The door-frame was given special significance within the law of Moses, and temple doorkeepers had a special status. Used figuratively, it relates to opportunity, and Jesus Christ used it of himself as the means of access to God.

The function of doors: gaining or barring entry

Ps 24:7 See also Ge 19:6,9-11; Ex 12:22; 2Sa 13:17-18; 2Ki 4:4-5 Elisha and the widow’s oil; Ne 13:19; Ps 24:9; Pr 5:8 warning against adultery; Mt 6:6 Jesus Christ advocates secret prayer; Mk 1:33; Lk 11:7; Jn 18:15-16; Ac 5:19; Rev 3:8

The status and role of temple doorkeepers

Ps 84:10 See also 2Ki 25:18 pp Jer 52:24; 1Ch 15:23-24; 2Ch 23:19; 2Ch 34:13

The door and its surroundings as a symbol of a household

Ex 12:22-23 See also Ex 12:7; Ex 21:6; Dt 6:9; Dt 11:20; Dt 15:16-17; Dt 22:21; Isa 57:8; Eze 45:19

Figurative use of opening a door

The door as a symbol of opportunity 1Co 16:8-9 See also Ge 4:7; Hos 2:15; Ac 14:27; Col 4:3; Rev 3:7-8

Opening the door as a symbol of allowing Jesus Christ into one’s life Rev 3:20 See also Lk 12:35-36

The door opened in answer to prayer Mt 7:7-8 pp Lk 11:9-10

Jesus Christ as the means of access to God Jn 10:7 “Door” is sometimes used as a synonym for “gate”. See also Jn 10:9

The door is indicative of imminent arrival Mt 24:33 pp Mk 13:29

The door as the entry to the coming kindgom Mt 25:10-12; Lk 13:23-25

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