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Dictionary of Bible Themes – 5298 doctors
5298 doctors

5298 doctors

People who are qualified in medicine and treat those who are ill. Doctors do not feature extensively in Scripture; rather God is portrayed as the source of health and healing for his people. Prophets were sometimes intermediaries in healing and priests were responsible for diagnosing certain diseases in accordance with the law. Luke, the author of the Gospel of that name and Acts, was a doctor.

God as the source of physical health and healing

Ex 15:26 See also Nu 12:10-15; Nu 21:4-9; Dt 32:39; Ps 6:2

God as the source of spiritual healing

Job 5:18 See also Isa 53:5; Jer 33:6; Hos 6:1

Jesus Christ as a healer

Mt 8:16-17 pp Mk 1:32-34 pp Lk 4:40 See also Isa 53:4; Mt 4:24; Mt 14:14 pp Lk 9:11

Prophets as intermediaries in healing

2Ki 5:1-14; 2Ki 20:1-7 pp 2Ch 32:24 pp Isa 38:1-5; Isa 38:21

Priests in a medical role

Lev 13:1-46; Lev 15:1-33

Medical treatments mentioned in Scripture

Use of oils and emollients on wounds Isa 1:6 See also Jer 46:11

Splinting and bandaging of broken limbs Eze 30:21

Poultices 2Ki 20:7 See also Isa 38:21

Human doctors mentioned in Scripture

Their limited ability contrasted with God’s power 2Ch 16:12-13 See also Job 13:4; Mk 5:25-29 pp Lk 8:43-44

Non-Israelite doctors Ge 50:2 These were Egyptian physicians. See also Col 4:14 Luke was a Greek.

Figurative use Mk 2:17 pp Mt 9:12 pp Lk 5:31 See also Lk 4:23

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