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Dictionary of Bible Themes – 5288 dead, the
5288 dead, the

5288 dead, the

Human beings who have died. Scripture provides illustrations of the manner in which the dead are to be buried, as well as explaining the doctrines of resurrection and judgment.

Preparation of the dead for burial

Washing Ac 9:37 A custom common to both Jews and Greeks.

Embalming Mt 26:12 See also Ge 50:2,26; 2Ch 16:14

Grave clothes Jn 11:44 See also Mk 15:46 pp Mt 27:59 pp Jn 19:40; Jn 20:7; Ac 5:6

Provision for the dead

Burial Ge 49:29-30 It was the normal practice for the people of God to be buried. See also Jos 24:30; Ru 1:17; 1Ki 11:15; Ac 8:2

Cremation Jos 7:25 Cremation was not a Hebrew practice, except in cases of difficulty. See also 1Sa 31:12; Am 6:10

The plight of the unburied dead

Ps 79:2 To be unburied was a disgrace, a mark of judgment. See also Ecc 6:3; Isa 14:19; Jer 7:33; Jer 16:6

Personal contact with a dead body conferred uncleanness

Nu 19:11 See also Lev 21:11; Nu 6:6

The place of the dead

Sheol and Hades Eze 31:16 Sheol is the OT term for the place of the dead; a grave, an underworld, a pit. Hades is the NT equivalent. See also 2Ki 21:26; Ps 88:3-4; Ps 89:48; Ps 116:3; Ecc 9:10; Isa 14:9-10; Ac 2:31

A place of judgment Ps 49:13-14 See also Ps 31:17; Ps 88:3-5; Na 1:14; Mt 5:22; Mt 11:23 pp Lk 10:15; Mt 16:18; Rev 1:18; Rev 20:13-14

A place of deliverance Ps 139:8 See also Ps 16:10; Ps 30:3; Ps 86:13; Ps 107:20; Hos 13:14; Jnh 2:2; Ac 2:27

The plight of the dead outside of Christ

Physical death is the result of sin Ro 6:23 See also Ge 2:17; Eze 18:20; Ro 1:32; Ro 5:12; Ro 8:6; Jas 1:15

Final judgment will follow resurrection Rev 21:8 The “second death” is the throwing of the lost into the lake of fire. See also Mt 10:28; Mt 25:41; 1Jn 5:16-17; Jude 12

Promises to the dead in Christ

Death is but a sleep 1Th 4:13-14 See also Jn 11:11-14; 1Co 15:17-22,51-53

Death has no hold on believers Jn 8:51 See also Jn 11:25-26; Ro 8:38-39

Believers will be delivered from the second death Rev 2:11 See also Rev 20:6

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