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Dictionary of Bible Themes – 5278 cripples
5278 cripples

5278 cripples

People whose walk, physical or spiritual, is hindered by deformity, permanent or temporary.

Physically crippled from birth

Ac 3:2 See also Ac 14:8

Physically crippled in life

By accident 2Sa 4:4 See also 2Sa 9:3,13

By God Ge 32:24-25 God had a purpose in the crippling of Jacob: it was a mark of his meeting with God. See also Ge 32:31-32; Heb 11:21

By Satan Lk 13:11 See also Lk 13:16

Cripples healed

By Jesus Christ Lk 7:22 pp Mt 11:4-5 See also Mt 15:30-31; Jn 5:1-9

By others Ac 3:7 See also Ac 4:9-10; Ac 8:7; Ac 14:9-10

Cripples and OT sacrifice

Lev 21:18-19 A man must be without defect. Physical disability is a defilement to holiness. See also Lev 21:6

Crippled animals Mal 1:8 Animals, like people, must be holy, without defect, when brought to the Lord. See also Ex 12:5; Lev 3:1; Lev 4:3; Lev 22:18-25; Nu 6:14; Nu 28:3; Dt 15:21; Dt 17:1; Mal 1:13-14

Spiritual aspects of being crippled

Physical crippling preferable to spiritual lameness Mt 18:8 See also Mk 5:29-30; Mk 9:43

Cripples disadvantaged in life but welcome in the kingdom of God Mic 4:6-7 See also Jer 31:8; Eze 34:16; Lk 14:13,21

Spiritual cripples healed Isa 35:6 See also Heb 12:13

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