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Dictionary of Bible Themes – 5267 control
5267 control

5267 control

The exercise of authority and restraint over individuals and events. Scripture stresses that God is in sovereign control over his creation. A limited degree of control over creation is delegated to humanity.

God controls the whole world

Ge 1:1,3 See also Ne 9:6; Ps 102:25; Ac 17:24; Heb 11:3

God controls the affairs of heaven and earth

Dt 4:39; Da 4:35

He gives wealth Dt 8:18 See also 1Ch 29:12

He appoints and deposes earthly rulers Ps 75:6-7; Da 2:21; Da 4:17,32; Da 5:18,21,26

He controls human hearts Pr 21:1

He controls times and seasons Ge 8:22 See also Ps 31:15; Da 2:21; Am 4:9; Ac 1:7

He controls the weather Am 4:7; Mt 5:45

He saves those whom he wills Ro 9:11-16

He fixes human destiny Mt 25:34,41

Human control over creation

Ge 1:26-28 See also Ge 2:15,19-20; Ge 3:16-19 After the fall it became difficult for human beings to control creation.

Human control over earthly territories

Jos 18:1; 2Sa 8:1,3; 2Ch 17:5; Da 11:43

Both the godly and ungodly should control themselves

Pr 16:32; Pr 29:11; 1Co 7:9,37; 2Co 10:5; 1Th 4:4

Prophecy should be under the control of the prophets 1Co 14:32

The evil one has limited control

1Jn 5:19 See also Job 1:6-7; Eph 6:12; Col 1:13

Jesus Christ will have final control over all things

Php 3:21 See also 1Co 15:24-28 Jesus Christ himself will be finally made subject to God.

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