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Dictionary of Bible Themes – 5241 burial
5241 burial

5241 burial

The burying of a dead body, usually in a family tomb. The lack of a proper burial was regarded as a great misfortune and disgrace. Burial was usually accompanied by mourning.

Burial in a family tomb

Ge 49:29-31 See also Ge 23:19-20; Ge 25:9-10; Ge 50:13; Jdg 8:32; Jdg 16:31; 1Sa 25:1 “at his home” probably refers to the family tomb, but could mean more literally under the floor of the house or yard; 2Sa 2:32; 2Sa 17:23

Other places of burial

Ge 35:8,19-20

Burial of criminals hung on a tree

Dt 21:22-23 See also Jn 19:31 The request of the Jews was probably not only to avoid desecrating a special Sabbath, but also to identify Jesus Christ as one cursed by God.

Burial of an executed criminal or enemy under a heap of stones

Jos 7:26; Jos 8:29; Jos 10:27; 2Sa 18:17

Lack of a proper burial

Jer 22:18-19 See also Dt 28:26; 2Sa 21:12-14; 1Ki 13:22; Ecc 6:3; Jer 7:33; Jer 16:4; Jer 25:33

Common burial-grounds

2Ki 23:6; Jer 26:23; Mt 27:7

Burial accompanied by mourning

Ac 8:2 See also Dt 34:5-8

Preparation of Jesus Christ’s body for burial

Jn 19:39-40 See also Mt 26:12 pp Mk 14:8; Mk 16:1 pp Lk 24:1 pp Jn 12:7

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