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Dictionary of Bible Themes – 5238 bribery
5238 bribery

5238 bribery

The practice of offering an incentive, usually money, in order to dishonestly or illegally procure a decision or action in favour of the giver.

Bribery is sin

It is forbidden by God on the grounds of truth and justice Ex 23:8; 2Ch 19:7 See also Dt 10:17; Dt 16:18-20; Job 36:18

The prevalence of the sin Pr 17:8 See also Pr 6:32-35; Pr 21:14

The seriousness of the sin Job 15:34 See also Dt 27:25; Isa 1:23-24; Isa 5:22-23; Isa 33:15; Am 5:12; Mic 3:9-12

The results of bribery

Personal corruption Ecc 7:7 See also Ps 26:9-10; 1Ti 6:10

The perversion of justice Pr 17:23 See also Ex 23:8; Dt 16:19

The decay of society Pr 29:4 See also Eze 22:12 Corruption, violence and decay render society subject to God’s judgment.

Examples of bribery

Balak and Balaam: Nu 22:16; 2Pe 2:15
Jdg 16:5 Delilah Samuel and his sons: 1Sa 8:1-3; 1Sa 12:2-3
1Ki 15:18-19 King Asa; 2Ki 16:7-9 King Ahaz; Est 3:9 Haman; Mt 26:14-16 pp Mk 14:10-11 pp Lk 22:4-6 Judas; Mt 28:11-15 the soldiers at the tomb; Ac 24:26 Governor Felix

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