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5232 book

5232 book

Used most frequently to refer to a particular book of the Bible being written, another book of the Bible or a source no longer available. It is used occasionally of books in general or metaphorically of God’s record of events.

References to books being written

Jer 25:13; Jer 30:2; Na 1:1; Jn 20:30; Rev 22:7,9-10,18-19

References to other books of Scripture

2Ch 35:12; Ezr 6:18; Ne 13:1; Mk 12:26; Lk 3:4; Lk 20:42; Ac 1:1 Luke’s Gospel; Ac 1:20; Ac 7:42; Ac 8:28

References to books no longer available

The Book of the Wars of the Lord Nu 21:14 This was probably an ancient collection of war songs in praise of God.

The Book of Jashar Jos 10:13 An early account of Israel’s wars, possibly in poetic form, but never a part of canonical Scripture. See also 2Sa 1:18

The book of the annals of the kings of Israel and Judah 2Ch 16:11 These sources were probably records of the reigns of the kings of Israel and Judah, compiled by the succession of Israel’s prophets spanning the kingdom period (see e.g., 1Ch 29:29; 2Ch 12:15; 20:34; 26:22; 32:32). See also 1Ki 11:41; 1Ki 14:19,29; 2Ki 1:18; 2Ki 8:23; 1Ch 9:1; 1Ch 27:24; 2Ch 24:27; 2Ch 27:7

The book of the annals Ne 12:23 This was probably the official temple chronicle, containing various lists and records (compare with Ne 7:5). Similar annals were kept by the Persian kings: Est 2:23; Est 6:1; Est 10:2

References to books in general

Ecc 12:12 See also Jn 21:25; Ac 19:19 as sources of magical knowledge

Books used metaphorically of God’s infallible record of events

Rev 20:11-12 See also Da 7:10; Da 10:21; Da 12:1

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