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Dictionary of Bible Themes – 5220 authority, abuse of
5220 authority, abuse of

5220 authority, abuse of

The misuse of a person’s freedom of action in order to exploit, oppress or treat other people in a way that is not for their good.

Warnings against the abuse of authority

By employers over employees Eph 6:9 See also Lev 25:43; Dt 24:14

By fathers over children Eph 6:4 pp Col 3:21

By husbands over wives Col 3:19

By elders over the church 1Pe 5:2-3 See also Eze 34:2-7

By those mistreating foreigners Ex 22:21 See also Ex 23:9

By leaders over those who are led Mt 20:25-27 pp Mk 10:42-44 See also Lk 22:25-26

By those taking advantage of the helpless or poor Ex 22:22 See also Pr 22:22; Eze 22:29; Zec 7:10

By those who oppress others Jer 22:17 See also Ps 73:8; Ps 119:134; Eze 22:7

Examples of the abuse of authority

Ge 16:6 See also Ex 1:11; 1Ki 12:14; Jas 2:6

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