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Dictionary of Bible Themes – 5206 archers
5206 archers

5206 archers

Those armed with arrows, whether for hunting or warfare. Archers were particularly valued on account of their accuracy.

Men who were archers

Ishmael Ge 21:20

Esau Ge 27:3 See also Ge 25:27

Jonathan 1Sa 20:18-23 See also 1Sa 20:35-38; 2Sa 1:22

Archers in the army of Israel and Judah

From the tribe of Reuben 1Ch 5:18

From the tribe of Benjamin 1Ch 8:40; 1Ch 12:1-2

In Asa’s army 2Ch 14:8

In Uzziah’s army 2Ch 26:14

Archers in the armies of other nations

The Philistines 1Sa 31:1-3

The Assyrians 2Ki 19:32

The Medes Isa 13:17-18; Jer 50:9,14; Jer 51:11

The Lydians Isa 66:19

The Babylonians Jer 4:29 a prophecy of Babylon besieging Judah

Men shot by archers

Saul 1Sa 31:3

Uriah 2Sa 11:24 See also 2Sa 11:14-17

Ahab, king of Israel 1Ki 22:34

Joram 2Ki 9:24

Josiah 2Ch 35:23

God likened to an archer

La 3:12-13 See also Ps 7:12-13; La 2:4; Eze 5:16; Zec 9:13

See also

5236bow and arrow

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