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Dictionary of Bible Themes – 5194 touch
5194 touch

5194 touch

God prohibits physical contact in certain circumstances and warns of serious consequences of violating the ritual law in this respect. Great sigificance is attached to the touch of God, Jesus Christ and angels and the disciples’touching of the risen Christ.

God’s prohibits touch in certain circumstances

At Mount Sinai Ex 19:12-13 See also Heb 12:18-24

With the furnishings and articles of the tabernacle Nu 4:15 See also 2Sa 6:6-7

The law concerning touching certain articles

Anyone or anything touching what is ritually unclean also becomes unclean Nu 19:21-22 See also Lev 5:2-3; Lev 7:19-21; Lev 11:8,24-40; Lev 12:4; Lev 15:5-12,19-27; Lev 22:4-6; Nu 19:11-16 the law concerning dead bodies; Dt 14:8 Pigs are unclean; Isa 52:11; Hag 2:10-14

Touching what is purified confers consecration Ex 29:37; Ex 30:29; Lev 6:18,27

Man-made rules against touching certain things are condemned by Paul

Col 2:20-22

The touch of God

Upon Jacob, to humble him Ge 32:25,32

Upon those he calls to be prophets Jer 1:9 See also Isa 6:7; Eze 2:8-3:4; Da 10:16

Upon the world he has made, to display his glory Ps 104:32 See also Ps 144:5; Am 9:5

The touch of Jesus Christ

To heal Mt 8:3 pp Mk 1:41-42 pp Lk 5:13 See also Mt 9:29-30; Mt 20:34; Mk 7:33; Mk 8:22-25; Lk 22:51

To raise the dead Mt 9:18-25 pp Mk 5:22-42 pp Lk 8:41-55 In touching the dead, Jesus Christ shows his willingness to become unclean so that others can be healed. See also Lk 7:14

To bring reassurance and show acceptance Mt 17:6-7; Mk 10:13 pp Mt 19:13 pp Lk 18:15

The touch of angels

1Ki 19:5,7; Da 8:18; Da 10:10,18

The reality of Jesus Christ’s incarnation and resurrection is confirmed by touch

1Jn 1:1; Jn 20:24-27

The figurative use of touch

To mean harming people Eze 9:6 See also Ge 20:6; Jos 9:19; 1Ch 16:22 pp Ps 105:15; Pr 6:29; Zec 2:8-9; Heb 11:28

To mean separation from sin 2Co 6:17 See also Isa 52:11

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