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5187 taste

5187 taste

The act of tasting is used figuratively of experiencing the goodness of God and his word and of a variety of experiences: misery, sin, wisdom, love, death and blessing.

The taste of food or drink

Ex 16:31 See also Ge 25:28; Ge 27:4,7,9,14,17,31; Nu 11:7-8; 2Sa 19:34-35; Jn 2:9

Legalistic prohibitions against tasting certain foods are condemned by Paul

Col 2:20-22

Taste used figuratively

Of the experience of misery Job 6:6-7 In his complaint against God, Job compares the unacceptability of his lot to inedible food. See also Job 27:2

Of the experience of the goodness of God Ps 34:8 See also Heb 6:4-5; 1Pe 2:3

Of the experience of the goodness of the word of God Ps 119:103 See also Ps 19:10; Jer 15:16; Eze 3:3; Rev 10:9-10

Of the experience of sin Pr 20:17

Of the experience of wisdom Pr 24:13-14

Of the experience of love SS 2:3 See also SS 4:11,16

Of the effectiveness of Christian influence Mt 5:13 pp Lk 14:34-35

Of the experience of death Heb 2:9 See also Mt 16:28 pp Mk 9:1 pp Lk 9:27; Jn 8:52

Of the blessings of the kingdom of God Lk 14:24; Lk 22:29-30

To determine not to taste food until a task was completed was commonly used as an oath

1Sa 14:24-46; 2Sa 3:35; Jnh 3:7; Ac 23:14

See also

1050God, goodness of

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