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Dictionary of Bible Themes – 5186 stumbling
5186 stumbling

5186 stumbling

Faltering or falling in the course of running or walking. The term is also used metaphorically to refer to failure, hesitation or difficulty.

Physical stumbling

Lev 19:14 Through fear: Lev 26:37; Isa 21:4
Isa 28:7 through drunkenness In battle: Na 2:5; Na 3:3

God protects his people from stumbling

Ps 56:13 See also 1Sa 2:4; Job 4:4; Ps 37:24; Ps 116:8

The enemies of God’s people will stumble

Jer 20:11 See also Ps 9:3; Ps 27:2

God’s people will stumble if they sin

Isa 8:14; Jer 13:16

Avoiding stumbling by keeping God’s law

Ps 119:165 See also Pr 3:23,26; Pr 4:11-12; Isa 26:7-8; Isa 40:30-31

The wicked stumble because they reject God’s way

Pr 4:19; Hos 14:9

Causes of stumbling

Dishonesty Isa 59:14

Arrogance Jer 50:32; Hos 5:5

False teaching by religious leaders Hos 4:5; Mal 2:8

Idolatry Jer 18:15

Trust in riches Eze 7:19

Trust in secular political alliances Isa 31:3

Stumbling as a consequence of sin and divine judgment

Making one’s own stumbling-block Eze 14:3-4,7

Stumbling over obstacles sent by God Jer 6:21; Jer 13:16; Eze 3:20

Some stumbling is educative or disciplinary Da 11:35; Ro 9:32-33

Jesus Christ as the light that prevents believers from stumbling

Jn 9:5; Jn 11:9-10

Jesus Christ as a stumbling-block for unbelievers

1Co 1:23 See also 1Pe 2:8

Stumbling and sin

All sin and stumble Jas 2:10; Jas 3:2

None should feel superior to others Pr 24:17; 1Co 10:12

None should cause others to stumble Ro 14:20; 1Co 10:32

See also

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