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Dictionary of Bible Themes – 5177 robes
5177 robes

5177 robes

A formal style of clothing, often indicating priesthood, royalty or elevated social status.

Priestly robes

Aaron’s priestly robes Ex 28:4 See also Ex 28:31-34; Ex 29:5; Ex 39:22-26; Lev 8:7; Ps 133:2

Other wearers of priestly robes 1Sa 2:19; 1Ch 15:27

Royal robes

The majestic robes of God Ps 93:1; Isa 6:1; Isa 63:1

Robes for kings and queens Est 5:1 See also 1Ki 22:10 pp 2Ch 18:9; 1Ki 22:30 pp 2Ch 18:29; Est 8:15; Jnh 3:6; Ac 12:21

Jesus Christ robed as a king and mocked Mk 15:17 pp Mt 27:28 See also Jn 19:2,5

Robes indicating office, favour or wealth

Ge 41:42 See also Ge 37:3; Jos 7:21; 1Sa 18:4; 2Sa 13:18; 1Ki 10:25; Est 6:7-11; Isa 3:18-23; Isa 22:21; Mic 2:8; Mk 12:38; Lk 20:46; Lk 15:22

Robes associated with righteousness and purity

Isa 61:10 See also Rev 6:11; Rev 7:9,13-14; Rev 22:14

Tearing of robes to show mourning or repentance

Job 2:12 See also 2Ch 34:27

See also

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2570Christ, suffering
5188tearing of clothes
7767priests, OT institution
9414heaven, community of redeemed

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