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Dictionary of Bible Themes – 5173 outward appearance
5173 outward appearance

5173 outward appearance

That which is visible on the outside may reveal the true person, but is sometimes misleading. Judging by it and boasting in it are typical of sinful humanity. God sees the inner reality.

Outward appearance can reveal the truth

Spiritually Mt 7:16-20 pp Lk 6:43-45 See also Mt 5:16; Mt 12:33-37; Jn 15:8; Jas 2:17-18

Emotionally Pr 15:13 See also 1Sa 1:16-18; Pr 17:22; Ecc 8:1; Da 5:5-6; Mk 10:22

Outward appearance can be deceptive

Mt 23:25-28 See also Isa 29:13; Isa 53:2-3; Mt 7:15; Lk 11:39-41; 2Co 11:13-15; Col 2:23; Heb 13:2

While people may judge by outward appearance, God does not

People take note of outward appearance Jn 7:23-24 See also Lk 16:14-15; Jn 8:15; 2Co 10:7; Jas 2:1-4; Rev 3:17

God looks at the heart 1Sa 16:6-7 See also 1Ki 8:39 pp 2Ch 6:30; Ps 139:1-2; Pr 16:2; Pr 21:2; Isa 11:3-5; Lk 16:15; Gal 2:6; Rev 2:23

The folly of boasting in outward appearance

Lk 20:45-47 See also Mt 6:2,5,16; 2Co 5:12; Gal 6:12

What is unseen is more important than outward appearance

2Co 4:16-18 See also Ps 51:6; Ps 147:10-11; Ro 2:28-29

Beautiful physical appearance

Examples of the problems and opportunities caused by beautiful outward appearance Ge 12:11-15 Sarah’s beauty led to Abraham’s folly; Ge 39:6-7 Joseph’s handsome appearance led to his being tempted by Potiphar’s wife; 1Sa 9:2; 1Sa 16:12; 1Sa 25:3; 2Sa 11:2-3 Bathsheba’s beauty tempted David; 2Sa 14:25-26; Est 1:10-11; Est 2:7 Esther’s beauty was an opportunity for God.

The cultivation of inner beauty encouraged 1Pe 3:3-5; 1Ti 2:9-10

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