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5163 legs

5163 legs

The legs of an animal were among the choice parts offered in sacrifices. In a human being legs provide strength. Bowing the knee symbolises the submitting of one’s human strength to God’s control.

Choice parts of a sacrificial animal

Eze 24:4 See also Ex 12:9 Entirely burnt up on the altar in the burnt offering: Ex 29:17-18; Lev 1:9,13; Lev 8:21; Lev 9:13-14
Lev 4:11-12 burnt outside the camp in the sin offering

Legs of human beings are objects of beauty

SS 5:15; SS 7:1

Legs of human beings symbolise strength

Rev 10:1 See also 1Sa 17:6; Ps 147:10; Da 2:33,40; Da 10:6

God’s judgment saps human strength Da 5:5-6 See also Eze 7:17; Eze 21:7; Na 2:10; Hab 3:16

God’s judgment brings pain and disgrace Dt 28:35 Shaven or bare legs were a sign of disgrace: Isa 7:20; Isa 47:2

God gives strength to the weak Heb 12:12-13 See also Job 4:4; Isa 35:3

The legs of Jesus Christ were not broken at his death

Jn 19:31-36

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