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Dictionary of Bible Themes – 5152 fingers
5152 fingers

5152 fingers

Parts of the hand used in various kinds of activity, both good and bad. They were prominent in the OT sacrificial ritual, and were also used as a symbol for authority, accusation and minimum effort.

Regular activities using the fingers

Ps 144:1; Pr 31:19; SS 5:5

Fingers used in sacrificial ritual

In the consecration of priests Ex 29:12 See also Lev 8:15

In the ritual for the sin offering Lev 4:6 See also Lev 4:17,25,30,34; Lev 9:9

In the ritual of the Day of Atonement Lev 16:14,19

In cleansing rituals Lev 14:16; Nu 19:4

The finger as a unit of measurement

Jer 52:21

Deformed fingers

2Sa 21:20 pp 1Ch 20:6

Jesus Christ’s fingers

Jesus Christ heals with his fingers Mk 7:32-35

Jesus Christ writes with his fingers Jn 8:6 See also Da 5:5

Proving Jesus Christ’s resurrection

Jn 20:25 See also Jn 20:27

Evil done with the fingers

Idolatrous worship Isa 2:8 See also Isa 17:8; Isa 59:3

Making accusations Isa 58:9 See also Pr 6:12-13

Doing harm Job 1:12

Fingers used in symbolic actions

The finger ring as a sign of authority Ge 41:42 See also Est 3:10; Est 8:2; Lk 15:22

The finger as a symbol of minimal effort Mt 23:4 See also 1Ki 12:10 pp 2Ch 10:10 Rehoboam refusing to lift the burdens placed on the people by his father Solomon; Lk 11:46

The finger as a visible reminder Pr 7:2-3 See also Dt 6:8; Dt 11:18

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