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Dictionary of Bible Themes – 5147 deafness
5147 deafness

5147 deafness

The condition of being wholly, or partly, without hearing. It can be expressed in physical or spiritual terms and is often used to depict spiritual rebellion.

God’s control of deafness

Ex 4:11 See also Ps 94:9; Pr 20:12; Lk 1:20,62

Physical aspects of deafness

Compassion for the deaf Lev 19:14

Deafness sometimes caused by Satan Mk 9:25

Healed by Jesus Christ Mt 11:5 pp Lk 7:22 See also Mk 7:32-37; Lk 22:49-51

Spiritual aspects of deafness

God deaf to a rebellious people Dt 1:45 See also Ps 28:1; Ps 38:13; Ps 39:12

Rebellious humanity deaf to God Jer 6:10 See also Pr 28:9; Isa 6:10; Isa 42:19-20; Eze 33:32; Eze 37:4; Mic 7:16; Zec 7:11; Mt 13:15; Mk 4:9-12; Lk 8:10; Jn 12:40; Ac 28:26-27; 2Ti 4:4; Rev 2:7 Sin brings spiritual deafness.

The deafness of idols

Dt 4:28 See also Ps 115:6; Ps 135:17; Da 5:23; Rev 9:20

Release from deafness

Through repentance Isa 29:18 See also Isa 35:5; Isa 42:18

Through the coming of Jesus Christ Lk 7:22 pp Mt 11:5 See also Mk 7:32-37

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