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Dictionary of Bible Themes – 5093 Eve
5093 Eve

5093 Eve

The wife of Adam and the first woman created. Her significance lies in being the first to be deceived and become disobedient to God. She is only given her name (which resembles the word for “living”) by Adam after the expulsion from Eden.

Eve was created in the image of God

Ge 1:27

Eve was a companion for Adam in Eden

Ge 2:18

Eve was deceived

Ge 3:1-7 See also Ge 3:13; 2Co 11:3; 1Ti 2:13-14

Events in Eve’s life

Her creation Ge 1:26-27; Ge 2:21-23

Her shame Ge 3:8-13

The curse upon her Ge 3:16

Adam names her Ge 3:20

The Lord clothes her Ge 3:21

She becomes a mother Ge 4:1-2

See also

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