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Dictionary of Bible Themes – 5029 knowledge, of God
5029 knowledge, of God

5029 knowledge, of God

Human knowledge of God may be a purely intellectual phenomenon, as when one knows about God through observing the results of his actions, but God’s people know him in a personal way because of their relationship with him.

Knowledge of God through his actions

God acts in creation Ro 1:20 See also Ps 19:1-4; Ac 14:17

God acts in judgment Eze 38:22-23 See also Ex 7:5; Ex 14:4; Ps 83:9-18; Eze 6:13; Eze 39:6,23

God acts in saving his people Isa 52:9-10 See also 1Sa 17:46-47; Isa 37:20; Isa 49:26

God’s people know him through his dealings with them

God delivers his people Ex 6:6-7 See also Ex 10:2; Ex 16:6; Dt 4:32-35; Jos 3:10; Jos 4:23-24; 1Ki 20:13,28

God provides and cares for his people Ex 16:8 See also 1Ki 8:56-60; Isa 41:17-20; Isa 45:4-6; Eze 37:26-28

In giving them his law Eze 20:19-20 See also Ex 31:13; Eze 20:11-12

God judges and restores his people Eze 11:10-12 See also Nu 14:34; Jer 24:5-7; Jer 31:33-34; Eze 6:2-10; Eze 7:4; Eze 12:15-16; Eze 20:38; Eze 36:11; Eze 37:14

Knowledge of God leads to confidence in him

Ps 9:10 See also Ge 22:7-8; Job 19:25; Ps 18:2; Ps 37:25; Ps 71:5-6; Isa 12:1-2; Da 11:32

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