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5009 conscience, nature of

5009 conscience, nature of

The faculty, given to every individual, that is capable of producing guilt, or reassurance in the case of innocence. Though never wholly reliable, the conscience is cleansed when the individual turns to God for forgiveness. It is possible for the conscience to become deadened through lack of use.

The natural conscience

Ro 2:14-15 Human beings have a built-in ability to know what is right and wrong.

Guilty consciences

Ge 42:21 See also Ex 9:27; 1Sa 24:5; 2Sa 24:10; Ezr 9:6; Ps 40:12; Jn 8:7-11

Clear consciences

Before God Ac 24:16 See also Job 27:6; Ac 23:1; Ro 9:1; 2Ti 1:3

Before others 2Co 1:12 See also Ge 20:5-6; 2Co 4:2; 1Th 2:10; 1Ti 1:5; 1Ti 3:9; Heb 13:18; 1Pe 3:16; 1Co 4:4 Conscience is not an infallible guide and a clear conscience does not necessarily imply innocence before God.

Consciences cleansed by the death of Jesus Christ

Heb 9:14 See also Ps 51:10; Heb 9:9; Heb 10:2,22; 1Pe 3:21

Bad or corrupted consciences

Tit 1:15-16 See also Ge 6:5; Ex 7:14; Ex 8:15; Jer 6:15; Jer 17:9; Ac 5:2; Ro 2:5; Eph 4:19; 1Ti 1:19; 1Ti 4:2

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