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Dictionary of Bible Themes – 4926 delay, human
4926 delay, human

4926 delay, human

Human delay is often the result of fear, indecision or disobedience to God. Scripture indicates that delay is to be avoided.

Examples of delay as a result of fear

Israel entering the promised land Nu 13:31-32 See also Nu 13:1-3,17-20,27-30; Nu 14:33-35

Gideon responding to God’s call Jdg 6:36-40

Examples of delay as a result of disobedience

Lot escaping from Sodom Ge 19:16 See also Ge 19:12-15

Jonah going to Nineveh Jnh 1:3 See also Ps 119:60; Jnh 1:1-2; Jnh 3:1-3 Jonah obeyed the second time.

Nothing should delay believers from following Jesus Christ

Mt 8:21-22 pp Lk 9:59-60 See also Mt 9:9; Mk 1:20; Lk 14:15-24; Lk 19:5-6

People should not delay in the matter of salvation

Isa 55:6 See also Am 6:3; Ac 24:24-26; 2Co 6:2; Heb 2:3

Believers are not to delay in fulfilling their vows to God and obligations to others

Ecc 5:4 See also Lev 19:13; Dt 23:21; Ps 61:8

Examples of human responses to delay

Sarah’s wrong response brought trouble Ge 16:1-6

Saul’s wrong response cost him the kingship 1Sa 13:11-12 See also 1Sa 13:8-10,13-14

Jacob responded with patience Ge 29:20-30

Paul responded by giving instructions to Timothy 1Ti 3:14-15

Daniel responded by praying Da 9:19 See also Da 9:1-23; Da 10:10-13 Gabriel explains the reason for the delay.

David reponded by calling on the Lord Ps 13:1; Ps 40:17; Ps 141:1

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