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Dictionary of Bible Themes – 4838 lightning
4838 lightning

4838 lightning

Lightning as an aspect of heavy rain storms

Ex 9:23-24

Lightning as a symbol

A symbol of the power of God Job 36:30-33 See also 2Sa 22:13,15; Job 37:3,11,15 The Lord speaks to Job: Job 38:24,35
Ps 18:12-14; Ps 77:18 The plagues on Egypt: Ps 78:48; Ps 105:32
Ps 97:4; Ps 135:7; Ps 144:6; Jer 10:12-13; Rev 16:18

A symbol of brightness Mt 28:3; Lk 9:29 See also Eze 21:10,15,28; Da 10:6; Hab 3:11; Zec 9:14; Lk 24:4

Lightning as “fire from heaven”

Job 1:16 See also 2Ki 1:10-12; Lk 9:54; Rev 20:9

Lightning as a sign of the presence of God

Ex 19:16 At Mount Sinai; Rev 4:5 See also Ex 20:18; Eze 1:4,13-14; Rev 8:5; Rev 11:19

Lightning used metaphorically

Mt 24:27 pp Lk 17:24 See also Hos 6:5; Na 2:4; Lk 10:18

See also

1105God, power of
2580Christ, transfiguration
4834light, natural
4854weather, God’s sovereignty

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