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Dictionary of Bible Themes – 4819 dryness
4819 dryness

4819 dryness

A lack of moisture, often due to lack of rain or a period of drought, leading to vegetation drying up. Dryness is often used as a symbol of hopelessness or of the absence of God’s blessing.

The dryness of river beds

Evaporation and recession of floodwaters Ge 8:13-14 See also Ge 8:1-11

God’s drying up of rivers to allow his people to cross Jos 4:23 See also Ex 14:10-31; Jos 2:10; Jos 3:1-17; Jos 5:1; Ps 106:7-11; Isa 11:15; Isa 51:10

Other instances of rivers drying up 1Ki 17:7 See also 2Ki 19:24 pp Isa 37:25; Ps 74:15; Isa 15:6; Isa 19:4-10; Isa 42:15; Isa 44:24-27; Isa 50:2; Jer 48:34; Jer 51:36; Eze 30:12; Joel 1:20; Na 1:4

The dryness of vegetation

Ps 37:2 See also Job 8:11-12,19; Job 14:2; Job 15:30; Isa 34:4 on the day of the Lord; Isa 40:7-8; Jer 8:13; Jer 12:4; Eze 19:10-14; Hos 9:16; Mt 13:3-6 pp Mk 4:2-6 pp Lk 8:4-6 the parable of the sower; Mt 21:19-20 pp Mk 11:20-21 the fig-tree withers

Physical dryness

Eze 37:11 See also Ps 102:4,11; Pr 17:22; Zec 11:17

Dryness indicative of desolation and hopelessness

Joel 1:12 See also Isa 24:7; Isa 33:9; Jer 23:10; Joel 1:10,17; Zec 9:5; Zec 10:11

Dryness indicating God’s withholding of moisture due to sin

Dt 28:22-24; 1Ki 8:35-36

See also

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