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Dictionary of Bible Themes – 4636 dove
4636 dove

4636 dove

A common species of bird. In Scripture the dove symbolises the Spirit of God, and also certain kinds of human behaviour.

A kind of bird

Ge 8:8-12; SS 2:12; Jer 8:7

Doves as sacrifices for those who were poor

Lev 5:7 See also Ge 15:9; Lev 1:14; Lev 5:11; Lev 12:6-8; Lev 14:22,30; Lev 15:14,29; Nu 6:10; Mt 21:12 pp Mk 11:15; Lk 2:24; Jn 2:14

“Dove” as a term of endearment

SS 2:14; SS 5:2; SS 6:9

Israel as God’s “dove” Ps 68:13; Ps 74:19

“Dove” used figuratively

Ps 55:6; SS 1:15; SS 4:1; SS 5:12; Isa 38:14; Isa 59:11; Jer 48:28; Eze 7:16; Hos 7:11; Hos 11:11; Na 2:7; Mt 10:16

The dove as a symbol of the Spirit of God

Mt 3:16 pp Mk 1:10 pp Lk 3:22 pp Jn 1:32-34

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