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Dictionary of Bible Themes – 4618 calf
4618 calf

4618 calf

A young animal prized as the source of tender meat, suitable for celebrations. However, it also had associations with both the OT sacrificial system and idolatry.

The association of the calf with idolatry

Ex 32:2-8; 1Ki 12:28-29 See also Ex 32:19-24; Dt 9:16-21; 2Ki 10:28-29; 2Ki 17:16; 2Ch 11:15; Ne 9:16-18; Ps 106:19-20; Hos 8:5-6; Hos 10:5; Hos 13:2; Ac 7:41

The sacrifice of calves

Mic 6:6 See also Lev 9:1-4,8-11; 2Sa 6:12-13; 1Ki 1:9-10; Heb 9:11-12,19-20

The flesh of the calf as a prized food

Pr 15:17; Lk 15:22-23 See also Ge 18:6-8; 1Sa 14:31-32; 1Sa 28:24-25

The metaphorical use of calves

Jer 31:18; Mal 4:2 See also Ps 29:6; Ps 68:30; Jer 34:18; Jer 46:20-21

See also

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