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4615 bull

4615 bull

Bulls were particularly prized as sacrifices on account of their considerable value. The sacrifice of a bull was especially associated with the sin offering.

Bulls offered as sacrifices

Ex 29:36; 2Sa 6:12-13; Ac 14:13 Also used in pagan sacrifices. See also Nu 23:1-4; Job 42:7-8; Ps 66:15; Heb 9:13

Instructions for the offering of a bull Lev 4:13-21 See also Lev 1:3-9

Bulls sacrificed on significant occasions Nu 28:16-20 The Passover. See also Ex 24:4-5 the covenant confirmed; Ex 29:10-14; Lev 9:2; Lev 16:11-14 the Day of Atonement; Nu 8:5-12; Nu 29:12-13; 1Sa 1:24; 1Ch 15:25-26; 1Ch 29:21-22; 2Ch 29:20-24; Ezr 6:9-10; Ezr 8:35; Eze 43:19-27; Eze 45:18-24

Godly sacrifices in contrast to pagan ones 1Ki 18:22-24 See also Jdg 6:25-28

Even the sacrifice of bulls invalid without the spiritual conditions being fulfilled

Ps 69:30-31; Isa 1:11 See also Ps 50:9,13; Isa 66:3; Hos 12:11

Provisional nature of the OT sin offering of a bull

Heb 10:4

The bull as a symbol of strength

Dt 33:17 See also Ps 22:12; Ps 68:30

Laws concerning bulls

Ex 21:28-36

Bulls in the design of the temple

1Ki 7:25-29 pp 2Ch 4:3-4; 2Ki 16:17; Jer 52:20

Bulls in the setting of judgment

Isa 34:6-7; Jer 50:27

Bulls and idolatry

Ps 106:20

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