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4492 olive

4492 olive

An evergreen tree native to the Near East. Also the fruit of this tree, for which it is cultivated. The fruit can be eaten or pressed to produce oil for food or other uses.

Olive oil

Olives pressed to produce oil Mic 6:15 See also Ex 29:40; Lev 24:2; Nu 28:5

Olive oil in food use Eze 16:13 See also Nu 18:11-13; Dt 8:6-9; 1Ch 27:28; 2Ch 11:5-11; Job 29:4-6

Olive oil used in the tabernacle Lev 24:2 See also Ex 25:1-7; Ex 30:22-33; Ex 35:4-9,28

Offerings of olive oil Ex 29:38-41 See also Nu 18:12-13; Nu 28:3-8; Ezr 7:21-23; Eze 16:19

Payment, tribute and trade in olive oil 1Ki 5:10-11 See also 2Ch 2:8-10,15-16; Hos 12:1; Lk 16:1-8; Rev 18:11-13

Olive trees

Olive trees cultivated for their fruit Hag 2:19 See also Ge 8:11; Dt 28:38-40; 2Ki 18:31-32; Isa 41:19; Am 4:9

Wild olive trees Ne 8:15 See also Ro 11:24

Olive trees in visions Rev 11:3-6 See also Zec 4:1-14

Metaphorical references to olive trees Ps 52:8 See also Jdg 9:8-9; Job 15:33; Ps 128:3; Isa 17:4-6; Isa 24:10-13; Jer 11:16-17; Hos 14:5-6; Ro 11:1-36 the grafting of olive trees

Olive groves

Ex 23:10-11 See also Dt 6:10-11; Jos 24:13; Jdg 15:4-5; 1Sa 8:11-14; Ne 5:9-11; Ne 9:25; Jn 18:1-3

Olive wood

1Ki 6:23-28 See also 1Ki 6:31-35

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