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Dictionary of Bible Themes – 4241 Garden of Eden, the
4241 Garden of Eden, the

4241 Garden of Eden, the

The garden created by God and entrusted to the care of Adam and Eve.

The “garden of the Lord

Ge 2:8; Ge 13:10 See also Ge 2:9-14; Isa 51:3; Eze 31:9,18 Ancient Egypt is likened to Eden; Eze 36:35; Joel 2:3

The place of fellowship with God

Ge 3:8

Where God spoke to Adam See also Ge 2:16-18

Where Adam was to work Ge 2:15,19

Where God made Eve and gave her to Adam Ge 2:18 See also Ge 2:20-24

Where Adam and Eve lived in innocence Ge 2:25; Ge 3:7,11

Where God abundantly provided for Adam and Eve Ge 2:9-17 The trees of Eden are important. They are both the evidence of God’s love and one is the focus of Adam’s test.

The paradise that humanity has lost

Where Adam and Eve disobeyed God Ge 3:6 See also Ge 2:17; Ge 3:1-7,11

Where humanity came under God’s curse Ge 3:16-19

The place from which Adam and Eve were banished Ge 3:23 See also Ge 3:22,24

The picture of God’s blessing

Isa 51:3 See also Isa 58:11; Jer 31:12

Where God first promised Satan’s destruction Ge 3:14-15

Where God first provided a covering for sinners See also Ge 3:21

Eden as an anticipation of heaven Lk 23:43 The word “paradise” (which means “park” or “walled garden”) clearly refers back to the idea of Eden. See also 2Co 12:3,4; Rev 2:7; Rev 22:1-3; Eze 28:12-13 the former glory of the king of Tyre likened to that of Adam in the Garden of Eden

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