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4207 land, as a divine gift

4207 land, as a divine gift

God’s gift of the land of Israel is fundamental to the covenant promises made to Abraham and his descendants.

Land as part of God’s creation

Ge 1:9-10

The land (Canaan) promised to Abraham

Ge 12:7 See also Ge 12:1; Ge 13:15-17; Ge 17:8; Ge 24:7

The boundaries of the promised land

Ge 15:18-21 See also Ex 23:31; Nu 34:1-12

God’s promise and its gradual fulfilment

The promise made to the patriarchs Ge 26:3-4 See also Ge 23:17-20; Ge 28:13; Ge 35:12; Ge 48:3-4; Ge 50:24-25 The patriarchs maintained only a very small part of the land. But Genesis closes with the prospect of much more.

The promise confirmed during the wilderness wanderings Ex 3:7-8 See also Ex 6:4,8; Ex 13:5,11; Ex 32:11-14; Ex 33:1-3; Nu 11:10-12

Exploration of the promised land Nu 13:1-2 See also Nu 13:21-25

Entry delayed because of unbelief and rebellion Nu 13:27-33 See also Nu 14:1-4,26-35,40-45

Criticial importance of obedience in the promised land Dt 5:32-33 Moses, at the end of his life, urges all the Israelites always to remember the Lord and his commands; enjoyment of the land is dependent upon the people’s obedience. See also Dt 6:10-12

Invasion of the land Jos 1:2 The theme of the book of Joshua is the land: chapters 1-12 its invasion and conquest, chapters 13-21 its division among the Israelite tribes. See also Jos 2:1

Gradual conquest of the land Jos 13:1 See also Jos 7:2; Jos 8:1; Jos 9:1-2; Jos 10:29-30; Jos 13:2-6; Jos 14:12; Jos 17:12-18

The promise fulfilled Jos 21:43-45

Division of the land Jos 23:4-5

Conflict with the Philistines over the land 1Sa 7:7-14 Philistine aggression had imperilled the prospect of a full possession of the land until David overpowered them. See also Jdg 2:21-22; Jdg 13:1; Jdg 15:11; 1Sa 4:10-11; 1Sa 13:17-19; 1Sa 17:1-2; 1Sa 31:1,7

Jerusalem captured by David 2Sa 5:6-7

The land at rest and prosperous

Under David 2Sa 7:1 See also 2Sa 8:1-6,14; 2Sa 10:15-19

Under Solomon 1Ki 5:4 See also 1Ki 4:20-21

The exile and subsequent return to the land

Losing the land Lev 26:14,32-33 See also Dt 28:63-65; Jer 16:13; Jer 17:4; Jer 25:11; Jer 44:22; La 5:2

Return to the land Jer 23:7-8 See also Isa 14:1; Isa 35:10; Isa 43:5-6; Eze 20:41-42; Eze 34:11-13; Am 9:14-15

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