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Dictionary of Bible Themes – 4165 exorcism
4165 exorcism

4165 exorcism

The expulsion of an evil spirit or spirits from a person. Jesus Christ has unique authority as an exorcist. He delegated this authority to the disciples.

Exorcism was practised with varying degrees of success by Jews and pagans

Mt 7:22; Mt 12:27 pp Lk 11:19; Ac 19:13-16

Jesus Christ had unique authority as an exorcist

Mk 1:27 pp Lk 4:36 Mt 12:25-28 pp Lk 11:17-18 The authority Jesus Christ exercised over evil spirits demonstrated that God’s kingly authority was present in him. See also Mt 12:29 pp Mk 3:27 pp Lk 11:21-22 Jesus Christ is the “strong man”. His power over evil spirits shows that Satan is defeated.

Jesus Christ had a general ministry of exorcism

Mt 8:16 pp Mk 1:34 pp Lk 4:41; Mk 1:39; Lk 6:17-18; Lk 7:21

Jesus Christ gave the apostles power to cast out evil spirits

Mt 10:1 pp Mk 6:7 pp Lk 9:1; Mk 3:14-15; Mk 16:17; Lk 10:17

After the ascension the apostles cast out evil spirits

Ac 5:16; Ac 19:12

Various symptoms associated with the need for exorcism

Violent or self-destructive behaviour Mk 5:1-5 pp Lk 8:27-29

Deafness and muteness Mt 9:32; Mk 9:17; Lk 11:14

Seizures Mt 17:14-15 pp Mk 9:17-18 pp Lk 9:38-39

Various components of exorcism

A word of command Mk 1:25 pp Lk 4:35 See also Mt 8:32; Mk 9:25; Ac 16:18

The demons recognise the source of the authority addressing them Mk 1:24 pp Lk 4:34 See also Mt 8:29 pp Mk 5:7 pp Lk 8:28; Ac 16:17

Exorcism was often accompanied by an element of violence or trauma Mk 1:26 See also Mk 9:26; Mt 8:32 pp Mk 5:13 pp Lk 8:32-33; Ac 19:16

Exorcism changes the behaviour or condition of the person delivered Mk 5:15 pp Lk 8:35 See also Mt 9:33 pp Lk 11:14

An exorcised person may be “repossessed” Mt 12:43-45 pp Lk 11:24-26

Methods of exorcism other than the word of command

Exorcism may be achieved at a distance Mt 15:21-28 pp Mk 7:24-30; Ac 19:12

On rare occasions an object is used Ac 19:12 This was an unusual demonstration of power in a city noted for magic.

David’s music brought relief to Saul 1Sa 16:14-16,23

Intensive prayer is sometimes necessary Mk 9:29

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