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Dictionary of Bible Themes – 4114 angels, and praise of God
4114 angels, and praise of God

4114 angels, and praise of God

Spiritual beings who praise God in a manner that is beyond human capacity.

Angels worship God in his presence

Rev 7:11 See also Rev 3:5; Rev 8:2

Angels praise God for his works

Angels praise God’s work of creation Job 38:4-7 See also Ps 148:1-5; Ne 9:6

Angels praise God’s work of redemption Lk 2:13-14 The angels are praising God for Jesus Christ’s birth. See also Isa 44:23; Isa 49:13; Lk 15:10; Heb 1:6; Dt 32:43 fn

Angels praise God’s kingdom Ps 103:19-21 See also Ps 96:10-11 pp 1Ch 16:30-31; Ps 145:10-11; Rev 11:15

Angelic beings praise God

Isa 6:2-4 See also Rev 4:8; Rev 5:8-10; Rev 7:11-12

Thousands of angels worship God

Heb 12:22 See also Dt 33:2; Ps 68:17; Da 7:10; Rev 5:11-12

Images of angelic beings decorate Israel’s sanctuaries

1Ki 6:23-29 pp 2Ch 3:7 pp 2Ch 3:10-13 See also Ex 26:1; Eze 41:18-20,25 The images of the cherubim represent the angels who worship God in heaven.

Angels are not to be worshipped

Rev 22:8-9 See also Mt 4:9-10 pp Lk 4:7-8; Ro 1:25; Col 2:18

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