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Dictionary of Bible Themes – 4111 angels, as God’s servants
4111 angels, as God’s servants

4111 angels, as God’s servants

Angels have specific yet limited roles to play in declaring God’s will and purposes for humanity.

Angels are God’s servants

Ps 103:20 See also Heb 1:7; Ps 104:4

Named angels The archangel Michael: Da 10:13; Da 12:1; Jude 9; Rev 12:7 Gabriel: Da 8:16; Da 9:21; Lk 1:19,26

Angels as agents of God’s salvation

Heb 1:14 See also Ex 23:23; Ex 32:34; Ex 33:2; Nu 20:16; Isa 63:8-9

Angels do not fully understand God’s salvation 1Pe 1:10-12

Angels deliver God’s people from their enemies 2Ki 19:35 pp 2Ch 32:21 pp Isa 37:36; Ac 5:19; Ac 12:6-11

Angels as mediators

Ac 7:53 The law was mediated by angels to Moses and Israel See also Job 33:22-26; Ac 7:38; Gal 3:19; Heb 2:2

Angels as revealers of God’s will

Zec 1:8-10 See also Da 7:15-16; Zec 4:11-14; Rev 17:1; Rev 21:9

Angels convey and fulfil God’s instructions Zec 3:4 See also Nu 22:21-35; Zec 3:6-7; Mt 2:13; Gal 1:8; Rev 7:2

Angels attend to the needs of God’s people

Angels provide food at special times 1Ki 19:5-7 See also Ps 78:23-25

Angels provide protection Ps 91:11-12 See also Ge 19:15; Ge 48:16; Ps 34:7; Da 3:28; Da 6:22; Mt 18:10; Ac 27:23-24

Angels give guidance

Ex 23:20 See also Ge 24:7,40; Ac 8:26

Angels serve Jesus Christ

Angels care for Jesus Christ’s needs Mt 4:11 pp Mk 1:13 See also Lk 22:43

Angels are ready to protect Jesus Christ Mt 26:53 See also Mt 2:13,19-20; Mt 4:6 pp Lk 4:10; Ps 91:11-12

Angels are inferior to Jesus Christ Heb 1:5-13

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