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Dictionary of Bible Themes – 3035 Holy Spirit, presence of
3035 Holy Spirit, presence of

3035 Holy Spirit, presence of

Present throughout the world, the Holy Spirit convicts the world of sin and brings peace and comfort to believers through his refreshing and restoring presence.

The Holy Spirit is present and active in creation

Ge 1:2 See also Job 33:4; Ps 104:30

The Holy Spirit is present everywhere

Ps 139:7 See also Ac 20:23

He is equated with God’s presence Ps 51:11

He is present with God’s people Hag 2:5 See also Isa 59:21; Isa 63:10-14; Eze 36:27; Eze 37:14; 1Co 3:16; Eph 2:22

He is present in Jesus Christ’s ministry Lk 4:14,18; Lk 5:17; Lk 6:19; Lk 10:21; Ac 10:38

He is present with Jesus Christ’s disciples Jn 14:16-17 See also Jn 14:26; Jn 15:26-27

The consequences of the Holy Spirit’s presence in the church

He convicts of sin Jn 16:7-11; 1Th 1:5

He gives direction Ac 13:2; Ac 15:28

He transforms experience Php 1:19

He encourages Ac 9:31

He empowers Christians for witness See also Ac 1:8; Ac 6:10

He sanctifies 2Co 3:18 See also Ro 15:16; 2Th 2:13; 1Pe 1:2

The Holy Spirit’s presence has observable effects

2Co 3:3 See also Jn 3:21; Ac 11:23

He brings blessing and fellowship 2Co 13:14 See also Php 2:1; 1Pe 4:14

He brings freedom and peace 2Co 3:17 See also Ro 8:2,5-9

He brings life Ro 8:10-11

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