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Dictionary of Bible Themes – 2525 Jesus Christ, cross of
2525 Jesus Christ, cross of

2525 Jesus Christ, cross of

The death of Jesus Christ is of central importance to the Christian faith. Through Christ’s death, sinners are reconciled to God and to their fellow human beings. Paul summarises the gospel as “the message of the cross”.

Jesus Christ foretold his death on the cross

Mt 20:18-19 pp Mk 10:33-34 pp Lk 18:31-32 See also Mt 26:2; Jn 3:14-15; Jn 8:28; Jn 12:32-33; Jn 18:32

The facts of Jesus Christ’s death on the cross

Carrying Jesus Christ’s cross Jn 19:17 Though Jesus Christ began to carry his cross, the Romans soon forced Simon of Cyrene to continue with it. See also Mt 27:32 pp Mk 15:21 pp Lk 23:26

Jesus Christ refused the comfort of wine, which would have lessened the pains of his suffering Mt 27:34 pp Mk 15:23

Jesus Christ was nailed to the cross Lk 23:33 pp Mt 27:35 pp Mk 15:24-25 pp Jn 19:18

Jesus Christ’s words from the cross See also Lk 23:34,43; Jn 19:26-27; Mt 27:46 pp Mk 15:34; Ps 22:1; Lk 23:46; Jn 19:28-30

Signs accompanying Jesus Christ’s death on the cross Darkness over the whole land for three hours: Mt 27:45; Mk 15:33 pp Lk 23:44-45 The temple curtain torn from top to bottom: Mt 27:51 pp Mk 15:38 pp Lk 23:45; Mt 27:52-53 the dead come back to life

People at the scene of the cross

The Roman centurion and his men: Mt 27:35-36,54 pp Mk 15:39 pp Lk 23:47 The two criminals crucified with Jesus Christ: Mt 27:38 pp Mk 15:27 pp Lk 23:32-33 pp Jn 19:18; Mt 27:44; Lk 23:39-43
Mt 27:39-43 pp Mk 15:29-32 pp Lk 23:35-37 people who insulted and mocked Jesus Christ Jesus Christ’s mother and other women: Mt 27:55-56 pp Mk 15:40-41 pp Lk 23:27-31 pp Jn 19:25; Lk 23:49
Jn 19:26-27 John

Responsibility for the cross

The cross as God’s plan Ac 2:23 See also Isa 53:10; Mt 26:39 pp Mk 14:36 pp Lk 22:42; Mt 26:42; Jn 14:30-31; Ac 4:25-28; Ps 2:1-2; Rev 13:8

The crowd’s call for Jesus Christ’s crucifixion Mt 27:21-22 pp Mk 15:12-14 pp Lk 23:18-21 pp Jn 19:15; Mt 27:25; Ac 2:36; 1Th 2:14-15

Jewish and Roman leaders’responsibility Mt 27:1,20 pp Mk 15:11; Mt 27:26 pp Mk 15:15 pp Jn 19:16; Lk 23:24-25; Jn 19:6-7; Ac 4:10; 1Co 2:8

The triumph of the cross

Col 2:15

The cross brings glory to Jesus Christ Jn 17:1 Jesus Christ refers to his approaching death, the climax of his earthly life. See also Jn 12:28; Jn 13:31-32; Jn 17:5; Php 2:8-11; Heb 12:2; Rev 5:8-14

The cross brings reconciliation Eph 2:13-17 See also Ro 5:9-10; 2Co 5:18-19; Col 1:20

Identification with the crucified Christ releases believers from their old way of life Gal 2:20 See also Ro 6:5-13; Gal 5:24-25; Gal 6:14; Col 2:13-14

Jesus Christ’s cross is central to the Christian message

1Co 2:2 See also Ac 2:23-24; Ac 3:13; Ac 5:30; Ac 13:27-29; Gal 3:1

Jesus Christ’s cross is the symbol of Christian discipleship

Mt 16:24 pp Mk 8:34 pp Lk 9:23 See also Mt 10:38; Jn 21:18-19

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