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Dictionary of Bible Themes – 2411 cross, predictions of
2411 cross, predictions of

2411 cross, predictions of

The death of Jesus Christ fulfils OT predictions and was clearly anticipated in his teaching.

The cross foreshadowed in the OT

Ps 22:1 See also Ge 3:15; Ps 22:6-7,16-18; Ps 31:5; Ps 69:21; Isa 52:12-13; Zec 12:10; Zec 13:7

Jesus Christ predicts his death on the cross

Jesus Christ’s first announcement of his death Mt 16:21 pp Mk 8:31 pp Lk 9:22

Jesus Christ’s second announcement of his death Mt 17:22-23 See also Mk 9:31

Jesus Christ’s third announcement of his death Mt 20:18-19 pp Mk 10:33-34 pp Lk 18:31-33

Other allusions to the cross

In the teaching of Jesus Christ Mt 26:31 See also Mt 20:22 pp Mk 10:38; Mt 26:2; Mk 2:19-20; Mk 10:45; Lk 9:44; Lk 22:42 “lifted up” is used in John’s Gospel as a reference to the crucifixion: Jn 3:14; Jn 8:28; Jn 12:32-33
Jn 18:11

In history Mt 17:9-13 John the Baptist’s fate indicates what is to happen to Jesus Christ.

In the experience of Jesus Christ Mt 26:12 pp Mk 14:8 Jesus Christ’s reaction to the woman anointing him seems to suggest that he will die the death of a criminal.

In the Lord’s Supper Mt 26:26-28 pp Mk 14:22-25 pp Lk 22:19-20

God’s perfect timing for Jesus Christ’s death on the cross

Jn 2:4 See also Jn 7:6,8,30; Jn 8:20; Jn 13:1; Jn 17:1

The curse of the cross

Dt 21:22-23 To be nailed to a cross is the equivalent of being hanged on a tree. See also Ac 5:30; Gal 3:10-13; 1Pe 2:24

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