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Dictionary of Bible Themes – 2360 Jesus Christ, prayers of
2360 Jesus Christ, prayers of

2360 Jesus Christ, prayers of

Prayer was the essence of Jesus Christ’s relationship with the Father. He prayed for himself and his mission, and he continues to pray for all believers.

Jesus Christ’s practice of prayer

He prayed regularly Lk 5:16 Luke records more instances of Jesus Christ praying than any other Gospel writer.

He often prayed alone Mk 1:35 See also Mt 14:23 pp Mk 6:46; Lk 6:12; Lk 9:18

Prayer at specific times in Jesus Christ’s life

Before his death: Mt 26:36-46 pp Mk 14:32-41 pp Lk 22:39-46; Jn 17:1-26 On the cross: Mt 27:46 pp Mk 15:34; Lk 23:34,46; Lk 3:21-22 at his baptism; Lk 6:12-13 before choosing the apostles; Lk 9:28-29 before his transfiguration

Characteristics of Jesus Christ’s prayers

Communion with his Father Mt 6:9 pp Lk 11:2; Mt 11:27 pp Lk 10:22

Submission to his Father Heb 5:7 See also Mt 6:10; Mt 26:36 pp Mk 14:36 pp Lk 22:42

Giving praise and thanks to his Father Mt 11:25-26 pp Lk 10:21 See also Mt 14:19 pp Mk 6:41 pp Lk 9:16 pp Jn 6:11; Mt 15:36 pp Mk 8:6-7; Mt 26:26-27 pp Mk 14:22-23 pp Lk 22:17-19 pp 1Co 11:24 the Lord’s Supper; Lk 24:30; Jn 11:41-42

The scope of Jesus Christ’s prayers

Mt 19:13-15 pp Mk 10:13-16 pp Lk 18:15-17 for children For his disciples: Lk 22:31-32; Jn 14:16; Jn 17:6-19
Lk 23:34 for his persecutors For himself: Jn 12:27-28; Jn 17:1-5
Jn 17:20-26 for all believers

Jesus Christ’s continuing ministry of prayer

Heb 7:25 See also Ro 8:34; 1Jn 2:1

Jesus Christ’s teaching about prayer

Mt 6:9-15 pp Lk 11:2-4 See also Mt 5:44; Mt 6:5-8; Lk 6:28; Lk 18:1-8,9-14; Lk 21:36

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