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Dictionary of Bible Themes – 2230 Messiah, coming of
2230 Messiah, coming of

2230 Messiah, coming of

The coming of a figure chosen and anointed by God to deliver and redeem his people. Anointing was seen as a sign of being chosen by God for a special task of leadership or responsibility. The OT looked ahead to the final coming of such a figure to usher in a new era in the history of the people of God; the NT sees this expectation fulfilled in the person and work of Jesus Christ.

Anointing as a sign of being chosen by God

Anointing with oil Lev 8:12 See also 1Sa 16:12-13; 2Sa 2:4; 2Sa 5:3 pp 1Ch 11:3; 1Ki 1:39; 2Ki 9:6; Ps 89:20

Anointing with the Holy Spirit Isa 61:1 See also Lk 4:18; Jdg 14:19; 1Sa 11:6; 1Sa 16:13; Isa 11:2; Mt 12:18; Isa 42:1

Anointing as a sign of national and spiritual leadership

Anointed to be king 1Ch 29:22 See also Jdg 9:7-15; 1Sa 9:16; 1Sa 15:17; 2Sa 19:10; 1Ki 1:34; 2Ki 9:3; 2Ki 11:12 pp 2Ch 23:11; 2Ch 22:7

Anointed to be priest Ex 40:13-15 See also Ex 28:41; Ex 29:7; Lev 7:35-36; Lev 16:32; Nu 3:3

Anointed to be judge The coming of the Spirit on some of the judges is a spiritual anointing: Jdg 3:10; Jdg 6:34; Jdg 11:29; Jdg 15:14

Anointed to be prophet 1Ki 19:16; Isa 48:16; Eze 11:5; Eze 37:1; Mic 3:8

The expectation of a future Messiah

The future anointed king Ge 49:10; Isa 16:5 See also Nu 24:17; 2Sa 7:12-14 pp 1Ch 17:11-13; Ps 2:7-9; Ps 45:6-7; Ps 110:1-2; Ps 132:11-12; Isa 9:6-7; Eze 37:24; Mic 5:2; Zec 9:9

The future anointed priest Ps 110:4 See also Zec 6:13

The future anointed prophet Isa 61:1-2 See also Dt 18:18

The future anointed judge Isa 2:4; Isa 11:3-4; Mic 4:3

The future anointed servant of God Isa 42:1-4 See also Isa 49:1-6; Isa 50:4-9; Isa 52:13-53:12

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