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Dictionary of Bible Themes – 1640 Book of the Law
1640 Book of the Law

1640 Book of the Law

A documentary form of the Law placed beside the ark of the covenant as a reminder to Israel of her covenant obligation. It was rediscovered and applied during the reign of King Josiah of Judah and read publicly by Ezra after the rebuilding of the walls of Jerusalem.

The Book of the Law was written by Moses

Dt 31:24-26 The book in question could be the material now included as chapters 1-30, although some scholars suggest it might refer to the material now included as chapters 12-26. See also Dt 28:58-61; Dt 29:18-21; Dt 30:10

The Book of the Law was passed from Moses to Joshua

Jos 1:7-8 See also Jos 8:30-31,34-35; Jos 23:6; Jos 24:26

The Book of the Law during the monarchy

2Ki 14:6 pp 2Ch 25:4; 2Ch 17:9

The Book of the Law was rediscovered and applied in Josiah’s reign

2Ki 22:8-16 pp 2Ch 34:15-24 A reference to part or all of Deuteronomy or possibly the entire Pentateuch (Genesis to Deuteronomy).

The Book of the Law was read publicly by Ezra

Ne 8:1-18 See also Ne 9:3

Paul refers to the Book of the Law

Gal 3:10 Paul is teaching that justification is by faith. See also Dt 27:26

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