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1347 covenant, God’s with Noah

1347 covenant, God’s with Noah

God’s confirmation of, and commitment to maintain, his relationship with the natural order- implicit in the act of creation- whereby he promised never again to destroy the earth with a flood. This divine pledge, given unconditionally to Noah and to every living creature on earth, was accompanied by the sign of the rainbow.

The occasion of the covenant

The flood as divine judgment Ge 6:17 See also Ge 6:5-7,11-13; 2Pe 2:5

God’s promise of salvation to Noah and his family Ge 6:18 See also Ge 7:23; Ge 8:1,15-17; Heb 11:7; 1Pe 3:20

God’s promise never again to destroy the earth with a flood Ge 9:11 See also Ge 8:21; Isa 54:9

The sign of the covenant

Ge 9:13 See also Ge 9:14-17

A universal covenant

God’s relationship with every living creature Ge 9:8-10 See also Ge 7:1-3; Eze 34:25; Hos 2:18; Zec 11:10

God’s relationship with the natural order Ge 8:22; Jer 33:25-26 God’s relationship with the created order is here expressed as a covenant. It is probable that this is a reference to the Noahic covenant through which the implicit relationship between Creator and creation was confirmed. See also Ge 1:14,31-2:1; Ps 74:16-17; Jer 5:24; Jer 33:20-21

An everlasting covenant

Ge 9:16 See also Ge 9:12
Isa 24:5 The reference here is to the Noahic covenant. Though this covenant was unconditional, the prohibition of bloodshed—often described as bringing pollution to the land—was associated with it. There may be, also, a wider reference to the effects of mankind’s disregard for the norms laid down at creation. See also Ge 9:6; Nu 35:33; Isa 26:21

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