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Dictionary of Bible Themes – 1194 glory, divine and human
1194 glory, divine and human

1194 glory, divine and human

Through the death and resurrection of Jesus Christ, believers will finally be glorified. All human glory derives from God.

Human glory in the creation

Human glory as God’s intention Heb 2:6-7 See also Ps 8:4-5

People are created in God’s image Ge 5:1 See also Ge 1:26-27; Ge 9:6; 1Co 11:7; Jas 3:9

Human beings have precedence over the rest of creation Mt 6:26 pp Lk 12:24 See also Mt 10:29-31 pp Lk 12:6-7; Mt 12:12

Human responsibility for creation Ge 2:19-20 See also Ge 1:28; Ps 8:6-8; Heb 2:8; Jas 3:7

Human glory diminished after the fall

Ro 3:23 See also Ge 5:3; Ecc 7:29; Ro 5:12

The imperfect nature of human glory

1Pe 1:24-25 See also Isa 40:6-8; Ps 49:10-11,16-17; Ps 103:15; 2Co 3:7-8,10,13

Human glory is given and taken by God

Ps 82:6-7 See also Ex 9:16; 1Ki 3:13 pp 2Ch 1:12; Jer 27:6-7; Da 2:37-39; Da 4:29-31,36; Jn 19:11; Ro 13:1

The temporary nature of the glory of the wicked

Php 3:19 See also Isa 5:15; Lk 16:25; Rev 18:14-17

The temptation associated with human glory

Mt 4:8-9 pp Lk 4:5-7 See also 2Ti 4:10; 1Jn 2:15

The uniqueness of God’s glory

Job 40:9-10 God shows Job the impossibility of human beings attaining the perfection of God’s glory. See also Ex 15:11; 1Ch 16:24-28 pp Ps 96:3-7; Isa 42:8; Isa 48:11

God’s glory revealed to human beings

Ex 24:17 See also Ex 16:10; Ps 26:8; Eze 1:25-28; Lk 2:9; Ac 7:55

Glory is not to be sought from other human beings but from God

Mt 6:2 See also Jer 9:23-24; Hos 4:7; Jn 5:41-44; Php 3:3; 1Th 2:4-6; Jas 4:16

It is a human duty to glorify God

Ps 34:3 See also Ps 63:3; Ps 86:12; Da 4:37; Ro 15:6; Gal 1:3-5

Glory is restored to redeemed humanity by the death of Jesus Christ

Ro 8:30 See also Ro 9:23; 1Co 15:47-49; Col 3:10

Spiritual glory is divinely given

Jn 17:22 See also Ps 84:11; 2Co 3:18

Glorification when Jesus Christ returns

Col 3:4 See also Ro 8:18; Php 3:21; 1Th 2:20; 1Jn 3:2

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