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Commentaries for Philippians Chapter 3

The Philippians' Affairs-Again

Now that the basic matters are in hand--reporting on his own situation, appealing to the Philippians to get theirs in better order, and informing them as to what's next--Paul returns once more to their "affairs...
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At Issue: The Circumcision of Gentiles

What would you do if a longtime member--and leader--of your community, who over many years had faithfully resisted the attractions of "rules" as a way of identifying God's people, had finally begun to play the devil's advocate for such a view--and was apparently being persuaded by it in the process? And to top it all off she and another leader are carrying on open disputes about the issue in the context of the community...
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The Example of Paul

Despite the subjective element, there is nothing like telling one's own story to silence what are merely arguments on the other side...
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Application and Final Appeal

Although Paul's focus is altogether on the heavenly prize, his running shoes make regular contact with terra firma...
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