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Commentaries for Galatians Chapter 4

Moving from Slavery to Freedom

The contrast presented in the previous chapter between imprisonment under the law (3:23-25) and new relationships in Christ (3:26-29) is now clarified by an illustration drawn from a household where sons were treated as slaves until they received the full rights of sons at the age of maturity...
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Returning to Slavery Again?

Paul began his rebuke for foolishness with a series of searching questions that called the Galatian believers to reexamine their experience of God's miraculous work by his Spirit in their lives (3:1-5)...
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In Paul's day, letters that were written to rebuke someone for misbehavior often ended with a request for a renewal of friendship and a change of behavior...
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Personal Appeal

In order to understand Paul's personal appeal--become like me--we need to see how the entire rebuke section of the letter (1:6--4:11) establishes the background for this appeal...
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Scriptural Appeal

After his personal appeal ("become like me"), Paul begins to give specific direction to the Galatians...
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