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Commentaries for Hebrews Chapter 11

The New Testament dispensation shown to be much more excellent than the Old.

Faith always has been the mark of God's servants, from the beginning of the world...
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Exhortations to various duties, and to be content with what Providence allots.

Here follow some illustrious examples of faith from the Old Testament...
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To respect the instructions of faithful pastors, with cautions against being carried away by strange doctrines.

We are often called to leave worldly connexions, interests, and comforts...
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Further exhortations to duties, that relate to God, to our neighbour, and to those set over us in the Lord.

Isaac blessed Jacob and Esau, concerning things to come...
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This epistle to be seriously considered.

After all our searches into the Scriptures, there is more to be learned from them...
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How to apply to God under troubles, and how to behave in prosperous and in adverse circumstances.

The world considers that the righteous are not worthy to live in the world, and God declares the world is not worthy of them...
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