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Peter's Defense of His Gentile Mission

What would convince a charismatic that the cerebral theological discourses that pass for sermons in emotionless orthodoxy can call people to genuine faith? What would convince those in a formal tradition that the faith of those who have responded to emotionally charged charismatic preaching is authentic?How Peter convinced Jerusalem church members who had been prejudiced against uncircumcised Gentiles becomes a model for us as we seek to sort through claims to God's working which challenge our biases...
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The Mission Continues and Faces Opposition

Two vignettes of life in the Antioch and Jerusalem church provide a transition from the mission to Jews to the mission to Gentiles; from Peter, the apostles and the Jerusalem evangelists to Paul and his missionary band; and from Jerusalem as the sending base to Antioch...
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The Gentile Mission at Antioch

Ancient Antioch was famous for its humor, especially the coining of jesting nicknames...
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