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Commentaries for Mark Chapter 6

Christ despised in his own country.

Our Lord's countrymen tried to prejudice the minds of people against him...
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The apostles sent forth.

Though the apostles were conscious to themselves of great weakness, and expected no wordly advantage, yet, in obedience to their Master, and in dependence upon his strength, they went out...
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John the Baptist put to death.

Herod feared John while he lived, and feared him still more when he was dead...
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The apostles return, Five thousand fed by a miracle.

Let not ministers do any thing or teach any thing, but what they are willing should be told to their Lord...
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Christ walks on the sea, He heals those that touch him.

The church is often like a ship at sea, tossed with tempests, and not comforted: we may have Christ for us, yet wind and tide against us; but it is a comfort to Christ's disciples in a storm, that their Master is in the heavenly mount, interceding for them...
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